Rowdy boozers active outside CBD hotels

OFFENCES in Gladstone are so heavily centred on the watering holes in the CBD that the figures make for compelling reading.

Online crime statistics from Queensland Police revealed that if an offence was going to be recorded, it was more likely than not to occur outside licensed premises.

For the three months from July 6 to October 6, at the corner of Lord and Goondoon Sts - the site of MIe PLACE - there were 57 offences recorded.

That accounts for 21% of offences in the CBD when grouping places that had more than 10 offences.

The second most notorious corner was that of Central Lane and Yarroon St - where the Central Lane Hotel stands.

It had 40, which was 15% of the total 269.

The most common offence involved "good order", which includes the basic nature of public nuisance, fighting in the street, abusive languages and disrupting the peace.

The good order offence equated to 54% of the offences and accounted for 122 more than those in second place: drug offences.

Gladstone's Senior Sergeant Jason Chetham said police needed the staff on the busy weekends to deal with drunken behaviour.

"We probably have about a dozen police officers across a couple of shifts," he said.

"All of these offences, almost without exception, are liquor-related."

The time most offences take place in the Gladstone CBD also follows the trend of stemming from late-night drunken behaviour.

Most offences occur after midnight on Saturday and continue until 5am Sunday.

There is also a spike in offences between 9-10pm on Saturdays.

Senior Sergeant Chetham said these statistics were most likely due to the movements of drunken people.

"At that time of 12 to 4 people are moving between licensed premises," he said.

"Where people loiter after drinking, that's where you will find figures in terms of crime stats."

Changes in legislation with the Safe Night Out Strategy were enacted on October 1 to tackle alcohol and violence and poor behaviour.

The Gladstone CBD comes under the Safe Night Out Precinct, which means that offenders will be faced with tougher penalties if they offend within that area.

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