Chopper pilot was stuck in the mud as tide came in

Robert Van Kuyl was piloting the helicopter that crashed on Curtis Island.
Robert Van Kuyl was piloting the helicopter that crashed on Curtis Island. contributed

IT'S been revealed Robert Van Kuyl was the pilot of the helicopter that crashed on Curtis Island.

Channel 7 has reported that Rob's son Tim says his dad was lucky.

"Robert was unable to move his legs, (he was) on his stomach, face down in the sand as the tide rose," Channel 7 reported.

Act Insp Ben Carroll from Rockhampton police, said the initial talks with the survivors suggested engine failure could have caused the crash, but the investigation was now in the hands of the Australian Transport Safety Bureau.

Hero fisherman's ocean find saves lives

The helicopter was found on Saturday afternoon by the RACQ Capricorn Helicopter Rescue Service.

The helicopter remains on Curtis Island, with the owner and their insurance company responsible for its removal.

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