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Chloe and William top baby names

FORGET originality, many parents are resorting to “tried and tested” when it comes to naming their newborns.

An increasing number of new parents are playing the name game on the safe side, opting for tradition over the unconventional. A trend that is evident in statistics recorded by the Births, Deaths and Marriages Register in Queensland for 2009/10 for the most popular baby names.

For the second consecutive year, the name Chloe proved to be the most popular girl’s name with Isabella and Mia the second and third favourites.

Completing the top 10 list was Charlotte at number four, followed by Ella, Emily, Sophie, Olivia, Lily and Ruby.

William pipped Jack at the post to take the crown for most popular boy’s name – a title Jack has worn since 2006.

Coming in third was Lachlan, and surprisingly enough, Cooper left the top 10 altogether.

Number four for the boys was Riley ahead of Oliver, Joshua, Ethan, Thomas, Samuel and Noah.

Of the 60,000 plus babies born in Queensland in 2009/10 it seems traditional, in both name and spelling, was the preference.

According to Jennifer Moss, baby names expert and founder of babynames.com, parents should look at things from a child’s perspective when picking a name.

As a rule of thumb, Ms Moss said parents should make the name easy to spell and easy to pronounce. She said those who used crazy spelling for a common name were putting the burden on the child to spell their name for people for the rest of their lives.

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