Children's chiropractor uses homecoming to spread an important message

COMING HOME: Dr Alison Young, a children's chiropractor, is re-establishing her business in Gladstone after returning from South Korea.
COMING HOME: Dr Alison Young, a children's chiropractor, is re-establishing her business in Gladstone after returning from South Korea. Mike Richards GLA091017CHRI

GLADSTONE chiropractor Alison Young is using her homecoming to share an important message about raising kids.

Dr Young reopened her children's and families chiropractic office, Innate Chiropractic Gladstone, where her clients range from newborns to adults.

Her passion for children comes from her early career in the industry.

"I graduated in 2002, and in 2003 I was working in a practice and I had children coming in with things, I wasn't super confident that I knew exactly what I was doing,” she said.

"So I went and did a Masters degree in paediatrics and from there ended up having a lot of referrals with harder to work with kids while working in Perth.”

Dr Young moved to Gladstone with her family in late 2014, working from home originally.

After her second child was born and a commercial space became available, she opened in January 2015.

Dr Young is a proponent of play as a strong learning opportunity for kids.

"Kids don't get time to play, they don't get time to explore... everything is micromanaged and scheduled,” she said.

"The way our brains grow is by pushing it and to make sure that it has the chance to get out and do things.”

Dr Young said there were a few reasons for moving to Gladstone - family and the slower pace of the region.

Dr Young said getting children to lie down could be a challenge, and bribery with stickers and balloons often worked.

"With us, the biggest element is that we try to make it fun, make it kid- friendly,” she said.

"We have toys in every room, colouring-in and painting kits (for older kids).

"We see a lot of pregnant women here too, so we have special pillows here to support pregnant mums with lower back pain.”

Dr Young said irritability, not feeding well, not sleeping and post birth trauma were the most common problems she saw in young children.

"In (school aged) children, I work a lot with kids who have behavioural and learning challenges,” she said.

Dr Young often works in a group with an occupational therapist, a speech therapist and a physiotherapist to try and get the best result for kids.

Many people think chiropractics is just about bending backs and cracking bones.

But Dr Young said it was about balancing people's brain functions so the body could do what it was designed to do.

"My personal philosophy is our bodies are designed to live well and live healthily,” she said.

"My philosophy is more than just cracking backs, I really think our brains are designed to run our bodies super well, and if we give them every chance to do that, and with kids they just need to meet those neuro-developmental milestones and they'll be thriving.”

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