Chance to invest as more property choices come online

INVESTING in Gladstone is still proving to be a valuable step, especially for those considering moving to the growing region.

Gladstone deputy mayor Matt Burnett said Gladstone continued to get bigger and bigger and so too, has the need for development.

"We've come a long way with rental accommodation and housing markets.

"The community asked Gladstone to encourage development in the region and we have.

"There are more choices and more sub-divisions will keep coming online as people are moving here.

"We have to house them somewhere."

Cr Burnett said while he personally thought things might slow down over the next six months he believed the region still offered great options for buying and settling down or investing.

"Not that it will slow down in terms of what other cities are having but what Gladstone was used to."

He said while there was more choice on the market, it meant you might not get a really high return on investment properties but people should note in the long run, they are still getting high returns.

"If I were to invest, personally I would re-invest in a house and land package.

"And if you want to invest in a unit - do your research and look for the right one."

Gladstone Ray White principal Andrew Allen said Gladstone had enormous potential as a major industrial hub.

"The city is well diversified across sectors such as coal, aluminium, LNG, energy, tourism and agriculture.

"This provides ongoing employment opportunities allowing for stable growth in the property market."


  • Gladstone residential estates: 11 at different stages
  • Gladstone units: 13 at different stages
  • Calliope and Beecher residential estates: 6 at different stages
  • Tannum Sand and Boyne Island residential estates: 3 at different stages
  • Tannum Sands and Boyne Island units: 1 at early stages

- Figures from snapshot report from Gladstone Regional Council


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