UPDATE: Reaction to images of people separating dog fight

UPDATE 4.44pm

IT WAS quick, it looked grizzly and CCTV footage that caught one dog attacking another, out the front of an entrance at Parkside Plaza, hasn't gone unnoticed.

The footage showed a dog tied up outside the plaza being attacked by another dog.

Two people attempted to separate the animals with one being punched and kicked away.

Shoppers forced to seperate dogs that attack
Shoppers forced to seperate dogs that attack

The video was removed from social media.

Andergrove Veterinary Clinic Dr Fiona Macintosh has seen two cases, as a result of dog fights, admitted and treated in the last two days.

"It does a lot of damage," she said. "(Dog bites) can actually become infected really quickly... their temperatures go up and they go off their food.

"People, who try to separate dogs fighting, have to be careful too.

"We've had clients come in who have also been bitten during the act and have to have medical treatment."

Dr Macintosh suggested keeping an owners yard secure, a pooch on a leash when out and about, and desexing the animal.

"Desexing is important, particularly with male dogs," she said.

"They will smell a female on heat from a distance and will do anything to get out (of a yard).

"If you desex them, you remove one of the incentives to escape their yards."

The council has seen the CCTV footage of the incident at Parkside Plaza but has only limited information outside this.

Health and regulatory manager Craig Shepherd said council would need more details before any further action could be taken.

"We would like to investigate this incident further but we need to know who the owner of the dog is," he said. "If anyone has any information please contact 1300 MACKAY."

Mr Shepherd reminded residents it was illegal to walk their dog without a lead.

"Penalties can range from a verbal warning through to a $235 fine," he said. 


CCTV footage shared online shows a man punching a dog outside Parkside Plaza shopping centre.

Upon closer inspection, it looks as if the unidentified man is breaking up a fight with the bigger dog appearing to attack another dog that had been tied up.

A woman posted the video on a closed pets Facebook page and said:

"At some point Buster's lead snaps (it was getting old) and he gives it back to him - if the lead hadn't snapped perhaps it wouldn't have been as bad - or perhaps worse," the woman said.

"All witnesses today said they believe the man who enters with the dog is the owner, especially the way he punched the dog in the head. You be the judge.

The footage shows him remaining at the ATM for five minutes until I come out and run off to see where the dog went - then he slips into the centre when no one is paying him attention.

"The council has been called and the dog catchers are out."

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