Man caught by police skirting around security hit with fine

A YOUNG man thought he'd try a novel way of skirting around security at The Reef Hotel.

But while his plan was cunning, it was very poorly executed, Gladstone Magistrates Court heard on Tuesday.

Tyler John William Bell pleaded guilty to charges of committing public nuisance, contravening a direction of police and being refused entry to a licensed premises when he appeared in court on Tuesday morning.

Police prosecutor Emma Bonnyman read out the facts to the court of the incident which took place at 1am on Sunday, March 9.

Officers conducting foot patrols around The Reef Hotel observed Bell climbing a fence of an adjoining apartment block.

Bell had climbed the building in an attempt to then make entry to the licensed venue via the building.

Observing officers approached Bell and issued him with a direction to exit the CBD.

About half an hour later, police identified Bell standing outside the Central Lane Hotel, as they conducted patrols along Yarroon St.

Bell was arrested and taken to the watchhouse after failing to heed the direction and remaining within the Gladstone CBD.

His solicitor said it was simply a case of his client being "fuelled up with alcohol and bad manners".

Magistrate Russell Warfield noted that it was not the worst case of public nuisance he had dealt with, before fining Bell a total of $750 for the three offences.

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