Caught with a cannabis plant in backyard

YOU WON'T find garden gnomes or rose bushes in Glen Andrew Gregory's backyard but you will find a cannabis plant.

At 8.35am on March 25 police went to Gregory's Park Avenue address to conduct a search of his home when they observed a small cannabis plant growing in his backyard.

Police Prosecutor Acting senior constable Josh McLennan told the court Gregory, 33, admitted to watering the plant daily.

"The plant was 70cm high and was freshly trimmed," Acting Snr Const McLennan said.

"Police located Gregory on the top floor of the dwelling and conducted a search of inside the residence where they found a large number of cannabis seeds in his bedroom at which Gregory admitted to using to grow another plant like the one outside.

"Police also found a large amber coloured glass water pipe cone piece, a pair of scissors with cannabis residue, a hairdryer and a bowl. Gregory admitted to using the scissors to cut the cannabis and the hairdryer to dry the cannabis out."

The court heard Gregory had a number of previous offences relating to dangerous drugs, including prior producing offences.

Gregory's defence lawyer Jun Pepito told the court Gregory sustained a back injury four years ago and self-medicated.

"He consumes drugs to relieve the pain," Mr Pepito said.

But Magistrate Michael O'Driscoll wasn't allowing for any excuses.

"You know as well as I do that dangerous drugs are illegal in the state of Queensland as you have numerous previous drug offences," Magistrate O'Driscoll said.

"You were before the court in 2003, 2004, 2006 and in 2007 on the same charges as you are today. Now, we're here in 2016 still going around the same circle in relation to dangerous drugs.

"Regardless of your medical condition, if you come back before the court you're facing a term of imprisonment."

Gregory pleaded guilty to one count of producing dangerous drugs, one count of possessing dangerous drugs and one count of possessing utensils in Rockhampton's Magistrate Court this morning. 

He was fined $1800 and a conviction was recorded.

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