Cassandra Frid was attacked on her electric bike recently when riding with her 12-year-old son.
Cassandra Frid was attacked on her electric bike recently when riding with her 12-year-old son. Christopher Chan GLA280213BIKE

In case you missed it... local news from the past week

IF you've been living in a cave for the past week, here are some of the things that have been making news in Gladstone.


Mother Cassandra Frid told of how a trip to the Night Owl centre turned into a nightmare when she was attacked by a man angry that she was riding an electric e-bike on the footpath.

Cassandra said the man thought the bike was a scooter and was not permitted to be ridden on the path.

"This guy was just going off at me for riding my bike," Cassandra said. "To ride these bikes you don't have to have a licence, and it's not fuelled either. 

"The guy was going absolutely mental," she said. Read the story here.

There also was hope an end might be in sight for the lengthy repairs on the Calliope River Bridge.

Repairing the bridge has already taken three years, but Transport and Main Roads is optimistic they will soon be able to remove the load and 40km/h speed restrictions which have been in place since 2010. Full story here.

And a man was charged with public nuisance offences after verbally abusing hospital staff and throwing a medical trolley across the room. Full story here.

STRUGGLING: Bill Fawzi, owner of the Outlook Cafe, Gladstone.
STRUGGLING: Bill Fawzi, owner of the Outlook Cafe, Gladstone. Brenda Strong GLACAFE

We looked at how more tourists could be attracted to Gladstone. We're not short on travellers determined to see the country's industrial coalface - but should Gladstone step up efforts to attract a more mainstream type of tourist? 

Karen Sweeney, GAPDL project officer for business and development, said there were plenty of attractions, but the tourism industry needed help to identify them. Full story here.

Police reported that Tannum Sands residents were giving thieves a green light to steal by leaving their cars unlocked overnight.

Police have seen a spike in the number of property offences in the past few weeks in Boyne Island and Tannum Sands.

Police have found that, in every single case, valuable items were stolen from cars that had been left unlocked. Doh! Full story here.

A Boyne Island woman shared the shock of her insurance premiums soaring after recent floods, with her monthly premium going from $41.89 to $208.07.

Insurance companies have admitted premiums are heading skyward in flood-hit Queensland - but insist the decision to hit high-risk residents came well before the January floods. We're not sure anyone believes them. Full story here.

In crime news, a "young, stupid" drunk was fined for giving a police officer a hug. Darcy William Taylor, 20, appeared in the Gladstone Magistrate's Court on two charges of assaulting or obstructing a police officer. 

The court heard the defendant approached a female police officer and placed his arms around her waist from behind.

Taylor then walked away smirking and later resisted when police arrested him. Given the officer could have thought he was going for her weapons belt, he was probably lucky to walk away. Don't mess with the cops kids. Full story here.

And Observer columnist Rob Kidd asked one of life's big questions - will farting in public ever be socially acceptable? It's a gas - full column here.

FORGACS Engineering Operations Manager Csaba Nagy.
FORGACS Engineering Operations Manager Csaba Nagy. Christopher Chan GLA120313CSAB


Gladstone's small businesses shared their disappointment as the mining boom slowdown started to hit home.

Medium and large employers have been forced to lay off staff due to a reduction in demand from the main players. 

 Australian Manufacturing Workers Union organiser Phil Golby said his union's workers had definitely noticed the decline. Full story here.

 A Department of Transport report found the flight path between Gladstone and Brisbane was one of the worst for cancellations in Australia.

About 33 flights between Gladstone and Brisbane were scrapped in January, prompting fears the new Gladstone Airport Corporation may not be up to the job. 

A frequent traveller said he often flew into Rockhampton and drove to Gladstone, to save time. Full story here.

Gladstone's commercial fishermen said the scope of compensation being offered by Gladstone Ports Corporation was too small. 

GPC opened applications for compensation on Tuesday, but fishing businesses are only eligible for compensation if they can prove they operated within specific catch sites. For those who can't get enough of this issue, the full story is here

In crime news, a Gladstone man who threatened to "get a gun" to sort out a bitter altercation appeared in court.

When asked if he'd like to make a complaint after being involved in an altercation with another man, Stephen Arthur Cook told police: "I'm old school, I'll f****** sort this out, I'll get a gun."

Sounds like someone needs to take a class in conflict resolution. Full story here.

And Observer columnist Greg Bray bared all (not really... relax) to talk about World Naked Bike Ride Day. No photos exist thankfully, but you can read his column here.

Operation Parasol in action on a Saturday night.
Operation Parasol in action on a Saturday night. Christopher Chan GLA170213PARA


In good news for those who like to get drunk and wreak havoc in the CBD, Gladstone Police's community-funded Operation Parasol is running dry of funds, with police warning the initiative could be abandoned before Easter.

The $3500-a-night operation, which was initiated to curb alcohol-fuelled violence in the CBD, has only two weekends of funding remaining. Full story here.

Former Miriam Vale shire councillor Gary Dingle shared his frustration over the state of Clarkes Rd, which has been washed away every year for the past three years.

He said Clarkes Rd was a lifeline during wet weather for the 50 or so people who lived in the Granite Creek-Harpers Creek area. Full story here.

And in news that made the anti-LNG mob happy, there were reports Australia's multi-billion-dollar a year liquefied natural gas export industry faced a new threat after its top customer, Japan, used groundbreaking technology to potentially unlock vast new subsea gas deposits just off its coast. 

Japan is one of the biggest users of Australian LNG. Full story here.

The great Australian dream was in jeopardy as a new report showed Queensland's housing crisis was so acute people in occupations normally considered to be well-paid were affected by housing stress.

The report by Australians for Affordable Housing found child carers, hospitality workers and hairdressers were among the occupations most affected by housing stress, and legal professionals also were finding it difficult. Full story here.

Margarita Dodd with grandson Kielin Law enjoy a sunny afternoon at the Gladstone Marina.
Margarita Dodd with grandson Kielin Law enjoy a sunny afternoon at the Gladstone Marina. Tom Huntley


Results from a survey by GAPDL showed Gladstone residents were hard pressed to find an answer when asked what they liked most about their town.

The most positive response they could think of was Gladstone's "moderate climate". 

Sounds like GAPDL project officer Karen Sweeney has her work cut out for her, but she was optimistic about the result.

From the findings of the survey, GAPDL is aiming to move locals' focus off industry and development in Gladstone, and towards some of the excellent things to do across the region, like...ummm.... Full story here.

Because we know you all can't get enough of the pending federal election, we marked the 'six months until the election' point by touching base with potential candidates to see what they had planned.

So far, only one candidate has put his hand up to take on Ken O'Dowd in Flynn, one of the LNP's most marginal seats in Queensland.

Wowan dairy farmer Duncan Scott is set to take up the challenge. Former Flynn MP Chris Trevor hasn't decided if he will run again. It's been reported he may be waiting to see what Kevin Rudd will do... just like the rest of us. Full story here.

Gladstone State High School went to the top of the class in the region, scoring above average results in some sections of the 2012 NAPLAN testing.

Students did well in reading and writing, but were below average in literacy (hands up who doesn't understand the education system these days....). Full story here.

And finally, there was much weeping and gnashing of teeth as Gladstone missed out yet again when Royalties to Regions funding was distributed.

The Royalties to Regions program was designed to channel money into regions where infrastructure was under pressure from resources projects... which sounds a lot like Gladstone. How political minds work remains a mystery. Full story here.

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