Two heavy white Bengal tiger garden statues.
Two heavy white Bengal tiger garden statues. Chrissy Harris

Cat burglars steal tiger statues

A BIZARRE but fairly nifty burglary took place in Gladstone last week, with two large white tiger statues being nicked from a garden in Clinton.

Kay Bailey was baffled as to how or why someone came and stole the two stone tigers out of her front yard.

“They were given to me as a gift,” she said.

“They have more sentimental value than anything.”

Frustratingly, Ms Bailey and her partner, who had both just woken up, missed the culprits by only moments.

“I heard the gate (bang) and I thought, ‘Why is someone in our yard so early?’ I went out to have a look just as a car was speeding off. Then I realised that the tigers were gone.”

“They’re bloody heavy. I have no idea how they took them so quickly.”

Ms Bailey, who also owns a stone panther, has relocated it to the back yard.

“I shifted him out to the back quick-smart,” she said.

“Seems like people will take anything if it’s not chained down these days.”

Anyone with information on the missing tigers should contact Gladstone police.


Stolen tigers weird? Not so much

The following items have been reported stolen around the world:

Bull semen. In October 1989, $10,000 worth of frozen bull semen and embryos were stolen from the dairy building at California Polytechnic University.

Birds’ nests. $250,000 worth of birds nests were taken from a restaurant in Hong Kong in 1992. The nests are a vital ingredient in a popular Chinese soup.

Half a human head. A premedical student at Adelphi University was arrested in 1992 after his landlord discovered half a human head during an eviction process. The student admitted to stealing it from one of his classes.

Godzilla. Also in 1992, a 60kg rubber model of Godzilla was stolen from a Tokyo movie studio.

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