Carpenters told by superiors to work on boss's home

AN overly inquisitive juror almost caused another speed bump in the trial of Bruce Alfred Little as day five of his fraud trial started in Gladstone District Court on Tuesday.

The jury had to be reminded about what was needed to prove fraud, before key witnesses took the stand to give sworn testimony.

The Crown is attempting to prove Mr Little misused company resources to make improvements to his Clinton property.

The sentiment of the day's testimony was one of simply following orders from above, with former Monadelphous carpenters Kyle Fagg and Adam Zawilla both admitting to carrying out works on Mr Little's house, but they had done so under the direction of their superiors.

Mr Fagg told the court he had worked on the erection of a new shed on Mr Little's property sporadically for about one to two months, and agreed with defence barrister Peter Richards' proposition that members of the Monadelphous civil crew had been posted to Mr Little's property when there was no other work available.

"We just went to this job as far as I know, just to fill in," Mr Fagg said.

Current site supervisor and ex-civil supervisor for Monadelphous Todd Hansen, the man both Mr Fagg and Mr Zawilla had said had been in charge of posting them to work at Mr Little's property, was called to the stand after 2pm.

Hansen gave extended evidence-in-chief about the work on Mr Little's property, and remained solid in his evidence that Mr Little had approached him about carrying out work on his home.

He said he had agreed to because "he (Little) was my boss", when asked by Crown Prosecutor Melissa Wilson.

The trial will continue on Wednesday.

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