Daughter tries to diddle mum

AN ELDERLY woman's daughter and carer appeared in Gladstone Magistrates Court yesterday after they altered a withdrawal slip to steal from her bank account.

Pamela Shirley Frost and Toni Ann Gudman both pleaded guilty to one count each of forgery and uttering, one count each of fraud and one count each of uttering a forged document.

Prosecutor Constable Troy Daubaras told the court that on June 6 police were called to the National Australia Bank in Goondoon Street after two women were caught altering a withdrawal slip signed by Frost's elderly mother.

Mrs Frost senior had signed a withdrawal slip for $150 and the two defendants had changed the amount to $1150. Allegedly when they were issued the money it was $400 short and when they returned to the teller to query the shortfall the teller noticed the badly done alteration on the withdrawal slip.

Frost told the police it was her idea to alter the slip, but Gudman was the one who presented the slip to the teller. Both women had previous dishonesty offences in their histories. No restitution was sought as the elderly Mrs Frost had signed a letter stating the women had since paid her back.

Duty lawyer Brad Krebs said the incident was a family situation that had got out of hand.

“All three women live together and Frost junior was too embarrassed to ask her mother for a loan so she altered the withdrawal slip,” he said.

Magistrate Damian Carroll said he found it unacceptable.

“They've taken advantage of a vulnerable old lady and I find that despicable,” Mr Carroll said.

The defendants said they were embarrassed and regretted their actions. The daughter was setting up a business at the time and used the money to pay bills related to the business. Both women were fined $750 each or 10 days in jail with convictions recorded.

“I regard this very seriously, Ms Gudman breached her position of trust as the elderly woman's carer,” Mr Carroll said.

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