SATURDAY night's monthly Old School Car Show had the important purpose of officially donating funds to Roseberry House.

More than $500 was raised for the organisation that supports homeless children and people in need.

Three representatives from Roseberry were there to accept the novelty cheque and Roseberry general manager Colleen Tribe expressed her gratitude saying that the finds are definitely needed.

"It's just fantastic, we're very appreciative that these people have taken time out of their busy lives to support Roseberry House," Ms Tribe said.

"The money will be put to very beneficial resources for the house, extra things that our normal funds just don't cover."

Old School Car Show organisers Roxy and Jason Seegel said the result is a massive achievement for the community.

"The $500 just came from donations we had at last week's sausage sizzle," Mr Seegel said.

"It's just a really good group of people that come together, and a really good cause we've all supported."

Roseberry is just one of many local organisations the Seegel's plan on supporting.

"My original plan was the children's hospital, they had eight kids there but failed to organise it, but along came Roseberry with dozens more that would benefit so they were it," she said. "We'll definitely be raising money regularly, and mixing it up, for any charity that needs it.

"Everyone's got the attitude here that they'll do anything to help and get the same response back."

In the giving-Christmas spirit, Mr and Mrs Clause also made an appearance with free lolly stockings in hand.

For the big kids, trophies and Repco gift hampers were on offer for some lucky car fanatics.


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