Sugar ’n’ Strife takes a fall in a bout at Epic Scrim.
Sugar ’n’ Strife takes a fall in a bout at Epic Scrim.

New Hustlers captain Kittie set to show she has claws

NATURALLY shy, Ellie Picking is hopeful she has what it takes to lead the Harbour City Hustlers in 2014.

Assured by her teammates and coach she has enough mettle to do so, Picking has taken the job on.

The best thing for the roller derby player is she gets to be someone else when she is captain (in a way), called Kittie Miaow, from the moment she sees her team mates.

"I had hoped some others would put their hands up," she admitted. "It is going to be tough, but I will do my best at leading."

In a supportive team, Kittie Miaow will have a group of skaters behind her who will do their best to help.

Already into action with Epic Scrim held at the PCYC over the weekend, Kittie has been able to put her skills on display, including mingling with skaters from all over Queensland.

"You don't often get to bout with people you don't know," she said of the event which mixes players into teams.

"I am excited for the rest of the year too. We can improve and we have plans for five home bouts."

A mum as well, Picking has a daughter, Sienna, who is already skating, or at least rolling around on her own.

Coach Charlie Keenan believes Picking, Kittie, or whatever you wish to call her, will do a remarkable job, already displaying the right skills in being a num.

"We know she will do an amazing job, she knows everyone and she knows our strategy as well as anybody here," he said.

Epic roller derby event lives up to name

THE words Epic Scrim do not mean much to your average person, but to roller derby fans, it is huge.

Organised for the second time, Gladstone hosted more than 60 skaters from Brisbane to Townsville.

Inviting all levels of skating, the event even included bouts involving both men and women.

"We want to take it from what it is to something big," Gladstone coach Charlie Keenan said.

"On top of skaters we have nearly 20 non-skating officials and 10 referees."

Having grown on last year's event, the 2014 Epic Scrim of the weekend is something Keenan and Gladstone's contingent hopes will continue to draw skaters to the local squad from other areas, as well as growing the local numbers.

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