VIDEO: Cannibal snake filmed eating fellow serpent alive

GUESS what's on the menu for this snake in the Toowoomba region?

Another snake of the same species.

A Toowoomba snake catcher has caught on film a rare and disturbing act.

A small-eyed snake eating another small-eyed snake.

Dave Wiedman from Toowoomba Snake Catchers received a callout on Saturday morning to go to an address at Church House Rd at Perseverance.

"The occupants saw a snake behind some boxes and when I get there they informed me there were two snakes," he said.

"Once I saw it I noticed something strange.

"It was a small-eyed snake eating what looked like another small-eyed snake."

Mr Wiedman said it was common for snake to eat other snakes, but less common to capture it on video.

Snake catcher fan Netty Kelly asked if the snake  was killed before it was eaten or still alive.

"This one was still alive. They are immune to their own venom," Mr Wiedman said.

A small eyed snake eating another small eyed snake.
A small eyed snake eating another small eyed snake. Contributed

Ms Kelly responded: "I feel sad for the little guy. That's nature for you though."

Tash Munt works in the medical profession and has seen a lot but was still impressed by the footage.

"That's so crazy. As a nurse I see a lot of things but that definitely made me queasy," she said.

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