Magic mushrooms? How did they get there?

MACHINE Creek man Rodney Lake grew 25 cannabis plants to treat his prostate problems, the magistrates court heard this week.

He pleaded guilty to five drug charges and one charge of unlawful possession of a handgun.

Police arrived at the Henicke Rd property on September 1 and found the marijuana, a black handgun, hydroponic equipment, drug-growing manuals and six containers labelled "blue meanies".

Lake said it wasn't easy to grow the marijuana and he wasn't having much success.

He told the court the 323g of blue meanies were magic mushrooms that he accidentally grew in his vegetable garden.

The court heard Lake was curious about trying them so put them in the fridge.

When he did, he had such an intense trip he never wanted to use them again.

"Now I know how the Aztecs did their murals; it was very vivid," he said.

Magistrate Penelope Hay silenced two young men who laughed in the courtroom.

"What they find funny is not," she said. "It can have very serious long-term effects. That's why it is a dangerous drug."

Lake also explained someone had given him the handgun but he hadn't got around to disposing of it.

Magistrate Hay said she was satisfied that he had learnt a lesson, but that she had to impose a penalty appropriate to the charges.

Lake was sentenced to a six-month term of imprisonment suspended over two years.

If he commits another drug offence within this time a court will send him to jail.

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