MPs outline infrastructure plans

AS this year’s federal election draws closer The Observer is asking tough questions each week of the men battling it out for the seat of Flynn.

This week’s question is:

What infrastructure do you see the Gladstone region needing in the next 10 years and how will you and your party help see this infrastructure developed?


Ken O’Dowd

The first thing we’re going to need is a Coalition Government or we won’t be able to afford any infrastructure.

The next decade is going to be very tough for Australia, courtesy of the massive debt ($200 billion) Kevin Rudd has managed to endow upon us in just 18 months.

The interest on this debt, and the expected increase in the cost of electricity, will cost every Australian $1000 per year. We need to mitigate the impact this will have on the region.

As this electorate grows, we (the Coalition) will ensure that the health and education needs of the region are a priority.

I do not support the concept of a “super-clinic” and although Mr Trevor is claiming credit for one, I doubt one will ever be built. Rather, we will beef up the capabilities of the existing hospitals.

Child care is going to be a priority as more and more people move into the district for work. I am a firm believer that more of the money generated here should be spent here. This region is extremely important to the Coalition and I have no doubt that funding for safer roads, social planning, education and health will be readily forthcoming.

The Calliope crossroad over-pass is “a must”, however there has been no movement to date. The Red Rover connection road to Kirkwood Road, and then linked to the Port Access Road, is another piece of infrastructure that is vital to complete the Kirkwood project, which will allow heavy vehicles onto our wharves.


Chris Trevor

Social infrastructure including health, aged care and affordable housing will be some of Gladstone’s greatest challenges over the next 10 years.

As everybody knows, I have publicly and privately led a charge to deliver the proposed LNG industry to my home town of Gladstone.

I believe it has always been our destiny. It will bring enormous prosperity to our region including thousands of new jobs and great opportunities for our region’s small business.

But with progress comes many, many challenges, and some of them could become quite overwhelming.

That is why I have invited the Treasurer of Australia, Wayne Swan, to Gladstone to meet with George and his councillors, Liz and other community leaders, so that we can continue to work together to deliver an outcome conducive to a well-rounded and balanced community.

We are a “can do” community that doesn’t deserve anything less than to maintain our current balanced and sustainable lifestyle.

Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey as representatives of an alternative government should also get on their bikes and come to Gladstone and listen to what our community has to say.

It is simply not good enough for them to be “one trick ponies” using a silly scare campaign on the ETS, when we need all the federal help we can get to deal with local challenges associated with the biggest projects ever seen in Queensland.

I promise to build on the Rudd Government’s already substantial investment in local infrastructure to ensure that my home town of Gladstone never becomes a “fly in, fly out” community.

With positive leadership I know we can all benefit from these exciting new opportunities.

We deserve nothing less.

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