WISH LIST: Can Ange Postecoglou get what he wants next year? A win at the World Cup finals.
WISH LIST: Can Ange Postecoglou get what he wants next year? A win at the World Cup finals. DAN HIMBRECHTSAAP

Can Santa provide the right present?

WITH only a few more sleeps until the man with the big white beard comes down our chimneys, I thought I would write him a Christmas list on behalf of those involved in the beautiful game around the world. Santa's elves might not be able to help out on many of the requests, but I will have a go anyway.

Dear Santa,

Please can you make it possible for Australia (we call them the Socceroos here) to win a game at the World Cup in Brazil next year.

Those nasty men at FIFA have decided to put our lovely boys in to what people have called a 'group of death' with title-holder Spain, the Netherlands, runners-up four years ago, and Chile. No one is expecting us to get many, if any points from the three games.

I am not asking for success against the world champion or even a victory against the Dutch, as that might be too much for us to ask, but just three points against Chile would do us nicely and we could come home with a bit of pride intact.

Now if you could add a sneaky point against the other two or a draw between Spain and Holland when they play each other that would be even better as that might even give the Socceroos a chance of qualifying for the round of 16.

It would also be nice if you could see your way clear to give England a fair go too.

It hasn't won the World Cup for a very long time, so if Australia cannot win it, could you maybe let the Poms have a good crack ... they have had a rough trot what with the Ashes loss and everything and my friends in the Old Dart would be delighted if at least their team could have a good run.

Talking of the World Cup, Santa, can you please make sure that everything is ready for when the tournament starts in June.

There has been so much talk that stadiums will not be finished so I am a little concerned that we are going to get a competition at all, least of all where it is supposed to be held.

Santa, please can David Moyes have a few days without the pressure of being the man to follow Sir Alex Ferguson into the hot seat at Manchester United.

As if managing the world's most famous club is not hard enough, he also had to jump into the footsteps of Britain's most successful manager.

Now, I am not a United fan by any stretch of the imagination, but I do think Moyes deserves a little break as he looks for more success at Old Trafford.

I also don't like the fact that so many managers have been given the bullet this season.

Santa, with Andres Villas Boas and Alistair Edwards going this week that makes 19 managers sacked this season in both England and Australia.

Now I know you like the sack, but that is just too many. It might be a hard task but if you can see to it that we lose no more between now and the end of the season, that would be great.

Finally Santa, and on a purely personal note, please could you make it possible that Tottenham Hotspur wins a trophy this season and Swansea City keeps its Premier League status.

I am not asking that Spurs win the league because that obviously is too tough a task even for you Santa, but an FA Cup win would not go amiss, even though getting past Arsenal in the third round could be just as tough for you to achieve.

As for the Swans, I am not asking for a top-10 finish, although that would be great.

Just staying away from the relegation zone would be fantastic, and if you could send Cardiff back down too, that would make my Christmas.

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