Can anyone overtake the Kick the Kilos front-runners?

THE Sunshine Coast is less than 800km away from hitting the 10,000km mark on the Kick the Kilos leaderboard. 

In second place is Bundaberg who has held strong since the start of the challenge three weeks ago. Bundy also holds second place in the per capita stakes proving its strength and stamina. 

It's the battle of the souths on the per capita leaderboard with Southern Downs and South Burnett regions battling each other to keep their strong placings. With similar population sizes and group member numbers, it will be a showdown to the finish.

But it's front-runner Gympie still miles ahead of the pack with 84.1M per person in the region. Can anyone overtake them?

See where your region sits: 


SUNSHINE COAST            9229.40km

BUNDABERG                      5391.72km

MACKAY                              4762.01km

ROCKHAMPTON               4535.73km

GYMPIE                                4075.14km

TOOWOOMBA                  3736.87km

COFFS HARBOUR             3212.18km

FRASER COAST                  3018.72km

GLADSTONE                       2510.98km

IPSWICH                              1552.97km

SOUTHERN DOWNS        1524.96km

SOUTH BURNETT              1402.21km

NORTHERN RIVERS          1227.21km

CLARENCE VALLEY           1213.69km

TWEED                                  815.86km

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GYMPIE                                84.1M

BUNDABERG                      57.2M


SOUTH BURNETT              42.6M

TWEED                                  42.3M

GLADSTONE                       38M

ROCKHAMPTON               37.8M

COFFS HARBOUR             37.4M

FRASER COAST                  29.8M

SUNSHINE COAST            27.5M

MACKAY                              26.1M

TOOWOOMBA                  24.8M


IPSWICH                              8.2M


Here's how to join.
Here's how to join.

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