Capricorn Film Festival returns bigger than before

Changes made to the second Capricorn Film Festival are hoped to attract more entries and viewers to this year's event.

Organiser Luke Graham said he'd learnt from his first event, held last year.

This year the festival will be held over two days and split into three categories: under 17s, opens and best film.

The under 17s category will be PG rated - to help resolve a criticism from last year's entirely open category.

Mr Graham received feedback that some content of the films were too harsh and crude for children.

Last year's event:

"I've really learnt from last year," Mr Graham said.

"Those junior films will be very PG rated and the films with the more mature content will be played later.

"It was a real learning curve and I did contact everyone personally who had an issue and everyone seems to be quite happy about it all too and supportive of this year's event," Mr Graham said.

Mr Graham hopes the region's only film festival will attract more than 40 entries.

Celebrity judges have been attracted for the festival, including new talent from Home and Away, an Australian model, and a host from the Disney Channel.

Mr Graham and members of the Capricorn Film Festival committee will also host school and community film workshops in the lead up.

"It's not about have a good night and it's about creating film makers," he said.

The event

Held from October 28 - 29 at the Gladstone Marina Stage.

Day one: Opening night will have a feature film premiered, a VIP red carpet event, filming workshops, a Q and A with judges and more.

Day two: Film festival gates open at 2pm. The junior section will screen from 4.30 - 6.30pm and the over 17s will be held after the awards are handed out - approximately 7pm. The best film category will be hosted from 9.30 - 10pm.

For more information visit the Capricorn Film Festival Facebook page.

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