Calls for turning lane near Bargara school

COUNCILLOR Greg Barnes has made a request to the Traffic Safety Committee for a turning lane to be installed on Bargara Rd near Bargara State School.

Mr Barnes made the submission, for a right-hand turning lane near the entrance for the Barolin Nature Reserve, after a number of worried residents raised concerns about the possibility of accidents in that particular area.

He said west-bound vehicles travelling along Bargara Rd past Seaview Rd before turning right across oncoming traffic. 
He said the area of road was in the 80km/h zone before the school zone began and was a state owned road.

"Recently council upgraded the footpath in the area which the kids use to go to school, and with the improved works in the area it has become quite popular place to pick up the kids," he said.

"The carpark on Potters Rd becomes really congested and parents become concerned about cars backing into kids so they go and park near the entrance of the Barolin Nature Reserve.

"The concerns aren't so much with oncoming traffic, the real concern comes with when motorists don't give enough warning when they're going to brake, and cars behind them slam on their brakes and they've go nowhere to go."

Mr Barnes said cars can't swerve to the left because of a drain on the side of the road and can't go right because of oncoming traffic.

He said the next step in making the turning lane happen was for the issue to be brought up at a council meeting for discussion.

"I've got no doubt engineers from the Department of Main Roads will go away and look at the options there as well," he said. 

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