Calliope Crossroads funding

CRAIG Wallace, Queensland Transport and Main Roads Minister, is banking on the Federal Government coming up with all funds required for the Calliope Crossroads project.

At a public consultation meeting in May, it was said the two ultimate proposals for the Calliope Crossroads major upgrade would cost in excess of $55 million, which was the amount the Federal Government committed, leading up to the 2007 election.

Mr Wallace, while visiting Gladstone yesterday, said there would be no consideration for a jointly funded effort between the State and Federal governments to build the much-needed upgrade.

“I think with the Federal election around the corner, I know that Chris Trevor, the local member, is being very vocal in securing funds for this,” he said.

Mr Wallace said once the department finalised the costings for works on the Bruce Highway, the department would do a P90 estimate – 90 per cent certainty of the costing – and supply a final business costing to the Federal Government.

“These are complicated traffic switches, very big engineering solutions and these will be the road network for the next 30 to 40 years, so we’ve got to get the design right,” he said.

“I’ve said and I will continue to say that both sides of politics have under-funded the Bruce Highway and our national road network for the last 40 years.

“To the Labor Government in Canberra’s credit, they have doubled road funding in their first term, but we are playing catch up and while the $55 million contribution for the Calliope Crossroads is great, once we finalise the business cost we will be asking them for the full amount so that we can complete that very important project.”

He said one of the problems with getting the project to its current status was the lack of funding from the Federal Government in the past for planning and design for projects.

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