Chris Trevor.
Chris Trevor.

Calliope Crossroads project backed

LABOR sitting member for Flynn Chris Trevor has called on his own party and the Liberal National Party for a stronger commitment for the Calliope Crossroads.

However, LNP-endorsed candidate Ken O'Dowd said LNP was 100 per cent committed to the $55 million upgrade of the crossroads.

Mr Trevor said he has been the driving force behind the project for many years, having initially secured and delivered $55 million to get it off the ground, and would continue fighting for the project until it was up and running.

“Today I am calling publicly on both the Gillard Government and Tony Abbott to commit funds towards building the Calliope Crossroads overpass,” he said.

“We always knew that delivering this life-saving piece of infrastructure would take hard work and strong advocacy. That is why I am calling on both sides of politics to commit to getting this project done.”

Mr O'Dowd said Mr Trevor's statement was just another action replay – without the action.

“Mr Trevor went to the last election with a clear promise to deliver this project. He was elected on that promise. Now, after failing to deliver for three years all he can say is that he will “fight” to have the project funded,” he said.

“It's no secret that I was very disappointed with Tony Abbott's Shadow Minister for Transport Warren Truss thumbing his nose at Gladstone and refusing to commit to the project recently,” Mr Trevor said.

“By contrast I have made representations to Mr Truss who, after recent discussions with (Gladstone) council and examination of national road funding priorities, has confirmed the LNP commitment,” Mr O'Dowd said.

He said if the LNP was elected he would work to ensure the safety benchmarks of the upgrade were achieved and there was full consultation

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