Call for speed limit increase on Benaraby Rd

WHEN it comes to speed limits around Gladstone, residents have some strong opinions on which roads need attention.

Following deputy mayor Matt Burnett's push to review the speed limits on all council roads, we asked our Facebook likers where speed limits should be changed.

There were quite a few calls for Benaraby Rd to be returned to a speed limit of 100.

The speed limit on Gladstone-Benaraby Rd was reduced to 90km/h last year between the Boyne Island roundabout and the Kirkwood Rd traffic lights.

The speed between the Kirkwood Rd traffic lights and Dalrymple Dr was reduced from 90km/h to 80.

A Transport and Main Roads spokesman said at the time that the Speed Management Committee had determined that due to the road alignment, narrow road formation and crash rate, the speed limit on Gladstone-Benaraby Road would be reduced to enhance the safety of all road users.

 Ashley Horner said the trouble with slowing major arterial roads down was where would it stop?

"No-one wants to see any deaths on the roads. I know of a couple of accidents that were result of fatigue/shift workers.

"They need to address the behavioral factors and road conditions to allow arterials to flow."

Luke Griffin disagreed, saying: "Not seen the number of deaths on that road? Just going by the crosses. Let alone the accidents that don't cause fatalities."

Other readers called for the speed limit on Kirkwood Rd to be increased.

Lucas Clough said Hanson Rd between Rio Tinto and NRG should be brought back up to 100.

Mel Currie said the speed limit needed to be decreased on Bramston St near Stepping Stones daycare.

"So many times I have almost been hit by speeding morons," she said.

"I think anywhere there is a child care centre/kindy etc there needs to be the same speed limit as school zones."

Graham Tombling said the United Kingdom was looking at increasing limits because lowering them had increased the death toll.

"If it's a boring drive then people fall asleep," he said.

"Nail the hoons, nail the ones who drive 20 below the limit then speed up on overtaking zones.

"They cause people to take stupid decisions. Nail the ones who make the stupid decisions.

"If the limit was sufficient to keep people alert and ready to respond and everyone drives at the same speed, all will be well."

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