Call for more night cops

WITH last week’s announcement of trialling Drink Safe Precincts, The Observer asked whether the Gladstone CBD nightclub precinct needs more powers to counter alcohol-related violence.

Brisbane, Gold Coast and Townsville will trial the new project in an attempt to offer a safer environment for patrons by offering co-ordinated policing, security and support services.

Bojangles manager Michael Matz said the taxi zones in the CBD could benefit from different supervision.

“We need supervisors that are not employed by the nightclubs, but are properly trained traffic controllers like they have in Brisbane,” Mr Matz said.

Mr Matz said Bojangles favoured the call for mandatory provision of free drinking water to patrons and increased police presence on weekends.

“We never say no to increased police. We have less problems and issues are dealt with quicker when there is high police visibility.”

An average Friday and Saturday night in the Gladstone central business precinct could attract more than 2000 people, he said.

 The mandatory 3am lockout did not always work in regional centres such as Gladstone.

“This is the only rule I have no control over and I have more problems at lockout time than any other time,” he said.

Gladstone police said the Gladstone district also had the Liquor Accord Group with which committee members place bans on people who had previously caused an incident around licensed premises.

“The liquor accord discusses the person at their meetings and jointly decides the banning time which can vary from one month to indefinite,” district crime prevention co-ordinator acting Senior Constable Julie Meinberg said.

“Gladstone district police continually run operations throughout the year and roster according to intelligence information of events and previous incidents. The CBD CCTV has assisted with the decrease of assaults and wilful damage since the installation,” Snr Const Meinberg said.

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