Call for increase of diabetes educators

THERE are calls to increase the number of diabetes educators at Gladstone Hospital following the resignation of a full-time worker.

Earlier this year the sole diabetes educator responsible for providing advice and support to patients with diabetes resigned from the Gladstone position.

It is believed the staff member resigned for personal reasons and has yet to be replaced on a full-time basis.

This comes as Diabetes Australia Queensland statistics reveal more than 2400 people have been diagnosed with diabetes in Gladstone. Gladstone Diabetes Association member Dell Golder said one part-time educator was not enough.

"We are tying to raise awareness of this issue in the community," Ms Golder said.

"We aren't trying to badger the hospital or Queensland Health. We are just hopeful they will increase the services."

Queensland Health revealed the part-time diabetes educator was on a two-day a week contract.

It is believed the responsibilities of the diabetes educator also involve teaching pregnant women with gestational diabetes.

Central Queensland Hospital and Health Service chief executive Maree Geraghty said Gladstone Hospital would continue to offer a Diabetes Education Service.

"Care for urgent cases is available at the hospital as needed," she said.

Ms Geraghty said the part-time staff member was being supported by qualified diabetes education staff in Rockhampton.

"Central Queensland Hospital and Health Service is working with Central Queensland Medicare Local to determine the best way to deliver primary health care."

What does a diabetes educator do?

  • Provides education and advice to people newly diagnosed with diabetes.
  • Provides support for those looking to manage the condition.
  • Works closely with general practitioners to support management plans for their patients.

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