Butcher sees red on rum rampage

IT was a bad night for Cori-Daine Dickinson, who after downing a bottle of rum, later grabbed a dry powder fire extinguisher off a parked roller and let its contents rip across a road.

The cloud caused a driver and his friend to stop in the mistaken belief it was smoke.

But it became a frightening experience for them when Dickinson, a butcher, dropped the extinguisher and came at their car wielding a knife.

In Gladstone Magistrates Court, Police Prosecutor Gavin Reece said Dickinson on March 14 at 10.30pm climbed onto the roller machine at roadworks, stole its 9kg extinguisher, walked away then activated the trigger which released the powder into the air.

The men in the car called police after slowing down because of the powder across the road.

"He pulled a knife from his pocket, ran towards their car and they quickly reversed away," Mr Reece said.

After driving into a nearby carpark Mr Reece said Dickinson again ran at them with the knife held in his hand but threw it away when police arrived.

"He says he ran at them because he thought they were filming him," Mr Reece said.

Standing in the dock Dickinson, 20, pleaded guilty to stealing a fire extinguisher in New Auckland; going armed with a knife to cause fear; causing a public nuisance on March 6 in licensed premises (Reef Hotel); and entering a hotel in contravention of a police banning notice.

Lawyer Jun Pepito said Dickinson drank a bottle of rum at home alone before stealing the fire extinguisher.

"For an unknown reason he embarked on this behaviour. It was fortunate no-one was injured," Mr Pepito said.

Magistrate, Mark Morrow, sentenced Dickinson to six months' jail and set an immediate release on parole.

He was ordered to pay $190 compensation for the extinguisher.

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