Business owner marks over three decades of sewing

ALL SEWN UP: Dressmaker and alterations specialist Helen McGuire.
ALL SEWN UP: Dressmaker and alterations specialist Helen McGuire. Paul Braven GLA170517MILESTONE

AWARD WINNING dressmaker and alterations specialist Helen McGuire will be celebrating 31 years in Gladstone next month.

Her shop 'The Sewing Headquarters' - which has been on Auckland Street for 12 years - is filled with colourful handmade dresses and grand crosha pieces that Helen says can take her weeks at a time to make.

Along with the endless amount of alterations her and her staff have been doing for years, Helen has always made time to create.

"I sewed a kids collection 10 years ago that I won an award for,” Helen said.

"All it needed was a quick jazz up and I entered it into another competition and won that too.”

Kids clothing has always been apart of Helen's creative career since starting at the local Busy Beaver 30 years ago.

From there Helen was asked to assist a lady who was making alterations at the back of the shop at the time.

"I had to teach myself how to unpick clothes and put them back the same way that they came to me,” she said.

Out of the thousands of pieces Helen had made, wearable art has been her favourite creative passion.

Today Helen's hard work in the industry has surely paid off.

"It feels wonderful that I'm still in business and that I've helped the Gladstone community for so long,” she said.

Armed with her trusty sewing machines, of which she has eight in total, Helen expects many more years of milestones to look forward to in the future.

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