Business decision floats for first time on Boxing day

Nudge Trezise is happy with his recent shift to the business and the large numbers that are coming to the lake. Photo: Rosie O'Brien/The Observer
Nudge Trezise is happy with his recent shift to the business and the large numbers that are coming to the lake. Photo: Rosie O'Brien/The Observer Rosie O'Brien

IT'S been less than a week in full operation but Lake Awoonga Boating and Leisure hire manager Nudge Trezise said he's glad he bought the business.

Boxing day was the first day Mr Trezise, his partner Roxy and their six children had all six boats, 16 kayaks, fishing rods and ski tubes out on the water and ready for hire.

"It was simply a massive day," he said.

"Really great to see the smiles on the kids and families faces, and reassuring for me that this way a good decision."

And the decision came to Mr Trezise after his realisation that there was a real need for the business.

"I am a boilermaker by trade and moved here for work with Wicet but when work ended and I had a bit of R'n'R I realised that there wasn't anywhere down at the lake to hire some equipment," he said.

It's been a long time in the making though, Mr Trezise stating that the process to get approved to run the kiosk was painstakingly long.

"It was a long road to success at the start," he said.

"In April we started the process which involved us bidding and winning the tender and getting approved by the banks was a mission."

But they won, and Mr Trezise has no regrets.

"We've been ticking away quite nicely," he said.

"We moved down here to the top of the hill and waking up to this view, well I just can't complain can I.

"Being a boilermaker really takes a toll on the body and as much as this is a small business, it's a lifestyle for us too."

The business is open seven days a week and the family has adopted a positive attitude to the working hours.

"We've had people ring us up and enquire about the hours and I always say well what time do you want to go out, 5am? No worries we'll be there," he said.

It's not all smooth sailing though, Mr Trezise said sometimes he had to play the fun police.

"Over the weekend, the police were down here at the lake because people on jetski's were speeding close to shore when it's only meant to be six knots," he said.

"I had to pull up two of my clients today already and remind them of the rules. "I'm look to implement a penned off area for the kids to swim in," he said.

"Of course the business with expand also with plans down the track to add house boats, stand up paddle boards, jetskis and a barbecue boat."

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