Man threatens to bash 10 officers at hospital

WITH burns to his face and chest, Kevin Egretz, 19, threatened to take on 10 police officers and bash their heads in outside the Gladstone Base Hospital at 1.50am on November 8.

Egretz was transported by ambulance to the hospital, where he became aggressive and refused medical treatment after being given a "green whistle" containing methoxyflurane to treat his pain, the Gladstone Magistrates Court heard.

Police prosecutor Merrilyn Hoskins said Egretz told police he "was tripping out after being giving the green whistle" and "he didn't care (if they arrested him) because he was from the big smoke in Rocky".

Representing himself, Egretz pleaded guilty to one public nuisance offence but magistrate Penelope Hay was reluctant to sentence him.

"I've spent a few minutes reading your extensive criminal history," she said.

Because he was "exposed to a term of imprisonment" she advised the defendant to speak to the duty lawyer.

"No, I'm good thanks," he said. "It was just the green whistle, your honour.

"I had a few drinks and… I'm ADHD and it triggered it."

The magistrate pressed her point, repeating that he could go to jail over the matter.

Egretz finally agreed and said he "knew it was going to be serious".

The matter was adjourned to allow Egretz time to speak to a lawyer.

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