Body odour catches burglar out

GRAHAM HOLE was living rough in a bush camp at Byron Bay when he broke into a home to nick 11 bottles of wine – only to have the odour emanating off his unwashed body wake the nasally-sensitive sleeping owner.

The 61-year-old man was horrified when he turned on the light to investigate the smell and discovered Hole crouched beside the bed where his sleeping wife lay.

“I only want food,” Hole yelled as he fled the Byron Street house at 5am on August 30 last year.

Hole, 42, was sentenced to four years' jail, with a non-parole of three years, after pleading guilty in Lismore District Court to break and entering a house to steal, with the offence aggravated because he knew people were inside.

Judge James Black also took into account the fact Hole stole a car belonging to the man's wife, along with a laptop, digital camera, tennis shoes, and fishing gear.

He also assaulted the home owner who tried to stop him leaving the house.

Hole was arrested later that day and the stolen items recovered at his camp, including nine bottles of stolen wine. Hole had consumed the contents of the other two bottles.

Court tosses coal terminal a $3.5b debt lifeline

premium_icon Court tosses coal terminal a $3.5b debt lifeline

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Bidding begins for Broncos and Origin jerseys

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