'LESSER OF 2 EVILS': Mum sells son weed to curb ice use

THEY say a mother will do anything for her child. But a Bundaberg woman has taken that notion to the extreme by repeatedly selling her meth-using son marijuana in an attempt to curb his ice addiction.

Tina Ann Giles, 46, pleaded guilty to three counts of supply dangerous drugs and a possess drug utensil charge in the Bundaberg Magistrates Court on Monday.

The court heard that between December 17, 2017, and January 28, 2018, the mum supplied up to three quarter ounces of marijuana to her 22-year-old son Levi Thompson Giles.

Defence lawyer Matt Messenger said Giles's son had had "an ice problem at the time", which was why the mother sold him marijuana three times.

"It's a dreadful thing for a mum to give her son drugs, but she rationalised it by saying that, as he was an ice addict, she was hoping it was the lesser of two evils," Mr Messenger said.

Tina Ann Giles appeared in Bundaberg Magistrates Court on Monday for supplying her son with drugs.
Tina Ann Giles appeared in Bundaberg Magistrates Court on Monday for supplying her son with drugs. Facebook

"It's not a good way to go about things ... she can't shy away from that."

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Andrew Blunt said police were first alerted of the drug trades in June 2017, when officers executed a search warrant.

After inspecting a found iPhone, police discovered text messages relating to Tyler Ord and her partner Levi (Giles's son).

"Police identified that Ord and her ex-partner, Levi Thompson Giles were conducting business in the sale of cannabis," Sen Const Blunt said.

"They then identified that Thompson Giles was using Ord's mobile phone to contact Tina."

A number of text messages between Levi and his mother were found including: "Hey mum, I'll pay $100 for a q (a quarter of an ounce of marijuana) if you can possibly do it, I can't find anyone else".

Another read: "Hey mum it's me ... I've got $90 to my name I was wondering if you could maybe do a q in the morning, I can't do anything more tonight..."

The third and final one from Levi read: "Couldn't do me q for $100? ... I still haven't been able to get anything".

To this message Giles responded: "Alright Levi, then that's it unless you have your money here at 7.30am in the morning ..."

At 6.10am on August 11 police executed a search warrant at Giles's Bundaberg South home, where she declared a pair of digital weighing scales.

Sen Const Blunt said Giles openly admitted the scales belonged to her and were used to weigh marijuana.

She also told police her son lived with his father "around the corner" and that she'd had contact with him about two weeks ago.

Giles's criminal history remained spotless until she was 31.

At this time she was diagnosed with cancer and has since battled tumours and a range of other health issues.

She has undergone multiple invasive surgeries and also suffers from Crohn's disease.

Mr Messenger said it was in that context that his client began to use marijuana and the offences on her criminal history began to rack up.

"That's why she said it (marijuana) came into her life," he said.

In 2016, Giles was sentenced to a suspended term of imprisonment of three months for possessing 23g of marijuana and a bong.

However, on Monday the court heard the mum's marijuana use was now a thing of that past.

"She doesn't use cannabis herself (any more)," Mr Messenger said.

Acknowledging Giles's co-operation with police and the administration of justice, Magistrate Belinda Merrin deemed suspended terms of imprisonment the most appropriate course of action for the mother.

"You were providing those drugs to your 22-year-old son ... in the hope that this would perhaps deviate his drug use from ice, to what you considered to be a less serious drug," Ms Merrin said.

She sentenced Giles to six months in prison for each drug supply charge and one month for the possess drug utensil charge.

The charges were wholly suspended for 12 months.

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