'Bullbar would have cut through boot like tin': Expert

THE rear end of the Mazda3 would have offered little resistance to the impact coming from the Toyota HiLux yesterday morning, according to crash specialist Geoff Dell.

Associate Professor Dell, the discipline lead of accidents and forensics and investigation at CQ University, said the height difference between the Mazda3 and HiLux would have made a big difference.

"If the bullbar hit above the sub frame there is really not a lot of structure to absorb the energy from the crash," he said.

"It's only sheet metal at the back and nothing really between the boot and rear seats.

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"The bullbar would have cut through the skin of the boot and everything else."

The lead professor at CQ University's Crash Lab in Bundaberg said if the Mazda3 was indeed travelling at 55kmh the HiLux would have had to be travelling a fair bit faster to cause the damage it did.

"Police will look at deformation in the vehicle and can use formulas to extrapolate how fast the HiLux was travelling," he said.

"We would love to get our hands on these vehicles for our crash lab for students to investigate these accidents."

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"Lucky my kids weren't in the back seat or they would be dead," Ryan Tarver said, describing the moment a Toyota hilux ran into the back of his car this morning. Updated story here: http://ow.ly/Xiecs

Posted by The Observer on Tuesday, 19 January 2016


Lara James My heart sank seeing this. Glad the kids werent in the car. Hope your okay and the other person is okay too.

Di Byrne Glad you are okay and the kids and the wife weren't with you, hope you get home to them soon and just cherish every minute, take care

Melly Cann Wow that's insane. So glad the kids weren't in the car.

Kelli White Wow! Sooo very lucky the kids weren't in the car! That is insane.

Ange Bannerman Holy crap was the guy driving the 4wd drunk or something?

Shannon Collins Hopefully wasn't texting

Nance Feyen Holy Crap ...u ok !

Tamara Seiler Holy !!!!

Michel Britton If only he had checked himself...before he wrecked himself...

Tracey Craig This is what hubby was telling me this morning on his way home from work this morning

Shayne Malone Just hope every one is ok

Shane Pittendreigh Some mothers do have em.

Alf Canendo This is why Rockhampton is a much safer place than Gladstone.


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