Biscuit was put down following a wild dog attack on Friday
Biscuit was put down following a wild dog attack on Friday

BRUTAL ATTACK: Horses 'ripped apart' by wild dog

"RIPPED to pieces" is how Kelly Jeffree described the injuries to her beloved horse Biscuit after a group of wild dogs viciously attacked her horse.

On Friday, Ms Jeffree arrived home to her Fortis Creek property to discover Biscuit covered in lacerations and puncture wounds.

But Biscuit was not the only one injured, Jade Rodgers' pinto Mini Phoebe, who was being agisted on the property at the time, was also badly hurt.

On Friday, Ms Rodgers' horse was put down and on Tuesday, Ms Jeffree had to have Biscuit put down too.

Ms Jeffree posted photos on Facebook to detail the horrific injuries to both horses, including punctures to the face, neck, gouges, and slashes.

On top of that, there are still four horses missing on the 300-acre property, which the women believe are still somewhere on the property.

"Biscuit was only 14 months old, we're just hoping the other horses are safe and well," she said.

"When I first moved here four years ago, my filly was ripped to pieces, but she's OK now," Ms Jeffree said.

"She's recovered but it was a long recovery. They killed my (old horse) here last year, it was only 12 months ago that he went."

Owning horses since she was 15, Ms Jeffree is devastated by the loss of Biscuit.

"To be honest, I blame myself. I wish I'd never moved here," she said.

Ms Rodgers said on Friday when she received the call Phoebe was hurt, she rushed to Fortis Creek.

"I went up there to have a look at her, I was told by Kelly she'd been attacked and she had half her face and jugular ripped," Ms Rodgers said.


Phoebe was put down after a wild dog attack on Friday,
Phoebe was put down after a wild dog attack on Friday, Contributed

Ms Jeffree and Ms Rodgers are out searching for the missing horses every chance they get.

After the attack, Ms Rodgers said they had been hearing stories from other people who are having issues with wild dogs.

One man near Coffs Harbour is losing calves on a nightly basis, Ms Rodgers said. "I want the council or government to start doing more."

"A lot more needs to be done to control the wild dog situation, people's livelihood and livestock are being lost because of these wild dogs, it needs to be sorted."

Local Land Services team leader, invasive species, Dean Chamberlin, said he has spoken with Ms Jeffree.

"It appears there have been a number of horses injured, supposedly from wild dog incidents," he said.

"She actually looked into getting a local to come in and shoot these dogs."

Mr Chamberlin said there had been wild dog baiting programs in the Fortis Creek area in the past and they would be speaking to neighbours to help establish the program again.

"There needs to be some work done to manage these dogs," he said.


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