UPDATE 2.23PM: Mal Brough has called for stood-aside Speaker Peter Slipper to now resign as the Member for Fisher.

It's a call being echoed throughout the Sunshine Coast Daily's online community today with a poll showing 88% support Mr Slipper leaving politics immediately.

Only 9% said he should remain while the rest were undecided.

Mr Brough, the LNP candidate for Fisher, said it would be wrong for his political rival to continue to represent the 40,000-odd women in his electorate after his sexist text messages sent to former staffer James Ashby were made public.

The text messages were published in a near 300 page court document.

Mr Ashby is currently suing Mr Slipper for sexual harassment.

"These women come to see him for sensitive issues and they shouldn't have to be put through sitting there thinking about what this bloke has said not only about female anatomy but what he thinks about women," Mr Brough said.

"Would you put your mother, wife or daughter in front of him?"

Mr Brought said while he had no expectation for Mr Slipper to announce his resignation, should it happen, he said a by-election would not be a waste of taxpayer's dollars.

"The sooner the Sunshine Coast can make its own determination for the future and the type of person they want representing them then the better off the Coast will be.

"People should say what they feel. If they think this is inappropriate and unsustainable and he brings a blight on the Coast, they should be prepared to stand up and say it."


Slipper had to go: Brough

MAL Brough was wide-eyed and shaking his head in shock at times as he watched his political rival's teary resignation speech.

Mr Brough's phone lit up last night with messages and phone calls as Fisher MP Peter Slipper took to the Speaker's chair for the final time.

He answered only one of the many calls with a brief "Yep, I'm watching it now."

Mr Brough, the LNP candidate who hopes to steal the seat of Fisher from Mr Slipper at the next federal election, watched his resignation speech to the House of Representatives with great interest.

Mr Slipper, the former LNP member turned Independent, choked back tears as he "spoke from the heart".

"I wasn't expecting it," Mr Brough said moments after the telecast ended.

"His decision to step down was belated. He should have done it sooner."

Mr Slipper said the role of Speaker and its importance in the House of Representatives was more important than his own continuation in the role. "I leave this position without rancour, with a great deal of sadness ... and, more importantly, with a great deal of regret," he said.

He expressed his thanks to the loyalty and support of his wife, Inge, his children, and former wife Lyn.

He paused briefly to sip on water as tears swelled in his eyes

His displays of emotion did not stop Mr Brough from taking him to task over his failure to apologise to the women of Australia following the publication of highly sexist text messages he sent to former staffer James Ashby.

"He put out a statement apologising for comments earlier in the day ... but he didn't have the gumption to stand in front of Parliament and the people of Australia and say those words," Mr Brough said.

"It was self-serving platitude on how great a job he's performed in Parliament. But what about the values and principles? They were totally lacking. This has gone beyond Parliament."

Mr Brough was at a function for the Sunshine Coast Arts, Convention and Entertainment Centre at the Sunshine Coast Daily's office when news of Mr Slipper's resignation broke.

He asked to watch a live television feed in the Daily's news room.

Mr Brough called Opposition Leader Tony Abbott's attempts to remove Mr Slipper from the Speaker's chair earlier in the day "absolutely appropriate".

He criticised Prime Minister Julia Gillard and the Labor Party for not voting Mr Slipper out of the job, saying it had sent a bad message around the world.

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