Broncos shake-up is blow for Glenn

ONE facet of the leadership shake-up at the Broncos that has apparently been lost on fans is the now seemingly-tenuous position of captain-in-waiting Alex Glenn.

When Sam Thaiday was appointed successor to Darren Lockyer at the end of 2011, little was made of the fact that 23-year-old Glenn was named his deputy.

The consensus back then was that Corey Parker, who had been Lockyer's understudy, was a shoo-in for the skipper's shirt, yet the 10-year veteran was overlooked for both roles.

Two years on and the landscape at Red Hill has changed markedly.

Not only is Thaiday gone but Glenn has been usurped by Parker and Justin Hodges, two guys six years his senior and in the twilight of their careers.

Where then does this leave Glenn who has been the golden-haired boy of coach Anthony Griffin since he captained the Broncos to the 2008 NYC grand final?

And if Cameron Smith does join the Broncos next year - as is the street-corner tip - and assumes the captaincy role for the remainder of his career, where do the leadership ambitions of Glenn and fellow NYC graduates such as Ben Hunt and Andrew McCullough lie?

The sacking of a captain, and let's face it that is what occurred at the Broncos, is no big deal.

The big deal is that the hierarchy at the Broncos has abandoned what was no doubt a succession plan put in place when Lockyer pulled up stumps.

Why else would Thaiday have been preferred to Parker and youngster Glenn appointed vice-captain?

Broncos captains just don't come and go. In a one-team city the Broncos skipper is a luminary, is on the celebrity A-list and has privileged access afforded only a select few.

To lose that honour is a bitter pill for Thaiday to swallow.

However the public face he displayed when announcing his discharge of duty was typical of the impressive young man.

Now, four days after hearing of the leadership ructions, I suggest most Broncos fans will have accepted the change as nothing more than a blip on their season.

But what remains the mystery is the suppression of Glenn, a 100-game NRL player and a Kiwi international who was earmarked years ago as a future Broncos captain.

It seems inexplicable that Thaiday and Glenn have been the falls guys for the worst season in Broncos history.

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