Brisbane Broncos deny knowledge of drugs probe

BRISBANE boss Paul White said the NRL club was unaware of any drug investigations involving former forward Martin Kennedy when he played for the Broncos last season.

Kennedy, who was released by incoming coach Wayne Bennett to rejoin the Sydney Roosters this season, has been served with a notice of alleged anti-doping rule violations under the NRL's anti-doping policy.

The action followed reports the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Agency was preparing to serve Kennedy with an infraction notice based on text messages implicating him with peptides and drug dealings.

The notice issued yesterday alleges Kennedy breached league policy through the possession and attempted use of banned substances.

The 26-year-old played 16 games for Brisbane last season. "From our point of view we had no contact from any government body or agencies during his time with our club," White said when asked about Kennedy's time at the Broncos.

The forward was linked with ASADA's 2013 drug probe which led to Canberra winger Sandor Earl being banned for two years in Aust 2013.

Earl is fighting a four-year suspension for trafficking.

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