Brekky Wrap: Delta Goodrem can't dance

WELCOME to Tuesday.

Whatever you have on your plate today, thank your lucky stars you're not a certain songstress who just wanted to dance up a storm at the Beyonce gig overnight.

This is your Brekky Wrap:

Delta Goodrem cops hilarious spray from US comedy star

AUSSIE songbird Delta Goodrem has been given a social media smackdown overnight after an American comedy star  posted a sneaky snap of the Voice judge and Born to Try singer on his Instagram.

Actor and comedy writer Marlon Wayans -- one of the forces behind the seemingly endless Scary Movie franchise -- was  trying to enjoy a Beyonce concert when he got stuck beside a "white woman" who apparently didn't have the moves.

He wrote: "Man I got the most UNRHYTHMIC WHITE WOMAN dancing next to me at the jay and bay concert... This bitch dancing to AC/DC".


Pressure builds on Israel after UK aid worker reportedly killed

THE British Foreign Office is investigating reports that a British aid worker was killed this weekend in Gaza while delivering medical supplies.

The man, named on social media as Kadir Islam, was claimed to have died in an air strike on the town of Rafah after arriving with one of a number of convoys bringing medical aid into the Occupied Territory.

The Foreign Office said it was "urgently" trying to establish the accuracy of the claimed death of a British national, which could not be independently verified.


Inquiry into Queensland teen after suspected meningococcal disease death

INVESTIGATIONS are continuing into the death of Warwick teenager Jazmyn Carter, who died of suspected meningococcal disease.

The 18-year-old was being treated for her symptoms at Warwick Hospital and died yesterday morning.

It is believed the young woman, who graduated from Warwick State High School last year, was taken to hospital after falling ill at a local Aussie Rules game on Saturday.

Public health officials said the case was "highly suspicious" of meningococcal, and had been referred to the Coroner.



You're most popular in your 29th year, a study has claimed (pictured: the cast of Friends)
You're most popular in your 29th year, a study has claimed (pictured: the cast of Friends)

Ever feel like you're losing friends? It's an age thing

AT 29 you may be wondering where it all went wrong - you're surveying the bankruptcy of your love life, seriously considering a payday loan to afford a birthday party in Dalston and are constantly lying to yourself that university debt was worth it. The upside, however, is that you're the most popular you're ever going to get.

Apparently in the last year of our Twenties we have 80 friends, as a result of still being in contact with school friends while also having solidified some work-based ones, too.


Queensland crime watchdog receiving less complaints

QUEENSLAND'S new Crime and Corruption Commission has received fewer than half the complaints its predecessor did during the same period last year.

Acting chairman Dr Ken Levy briefed the Parliamentary Crime and Corruption Committee on Monday about the CCC's activity between April 1 and June 30, when it was still the Crime and Misconduct Commission.


Google: Users have 'no expectation of privacy' after using data to catch sex offender

GOOGLE has revealed the identity of a user storing images of child abuse on his Gmail account to police in the US, flagging up the fact that the US tech giant is scanning users email for illegal activity.

The individual in question, a convicted sex offender, was arrested by local police in Houston, Texas after Google contacted the non-profit National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

GPC celebrating 107 years of operation this weekend

Premium Content GPC celebrating 107 years of operation this weekend

“GPC employees, past and present, have so much to be proud of.”

Gladstone business goes carbon neutral with solar array

Premium Content Gladstone business goes carbon neutral with solar array

Gladstone Business Centre is carbon neutral and puts excess power back into the...

Shipping company fined for dumping on Great Barrier Reef

Premium Content Shipping company fined for dumping on Great Barrier Reef

The Iron Gate was bound for Gladstone when the chief officer authorised dumping of...