Rescue crews prepare to free a body that has been found in a stormwater drain in Gladstone.
Rescue crews prepare to free a body that has been found in a stormwater drain in Gladstone. Andrew Thorpe.

'Crawl through': How rescue crews freed a body from a drain

UPDATE 1.40pm:

A MAN's body has been retrieved from a stormwater drain by a team of investigators and QFRS officers.

Moments ago, acting detective inspector Capricornia division Luke Peachey told media he was a Gladstone man aged in his 30s.

LATEST | 'Traumatic': Body in drain confirmed as Gladstone man

"In some stages the officers had to crawl through, it wouldn't have been a pleasant site or job and I take my hat off to those who did it," he said.

UPDATE 12.29pm:

FOUR men dressed in hazmat suits have emerged from the stormwater drain where a body was found yesterday.

There is plenty of activity at the scene, where it's believed rescue crews are working to retrieve the body.

ROLLING COVERAGE | Significant activity at drain body crime scene

Minutes ago a tent was moved closer to the entrance of the stormwater drain, making it impossible to see anyone exiting the area.

The four men who also exited were hosed down, and assisted by police and QFRS officers.

Acting detective inspector Capricornia district Luke Peachey is standing with a police photographer and another investigator, all taking photos of something inside the blue tent.

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Earlier 10.16am:

MORE than 24 hours after it was discovered, a body is going to be taken out of a stormwater drain in Gladstone.

About half a dozen fire fighters in full equipment have congregated at the entrance to the stormwater drain next to Brian Niven Park, and are spraying water near the entrance.

About a dozen police officers and detectives are also at the scene, with several having donned gloves, after they confirmed they would not be digging up the road to retrieve the body.

A person in a hazmat suit is also at the scene.

It's believed a person will enter via the stormwater drain, to retrieve the body.


Already rescue crews have entered the manhole, lowering a camera covered in plastic.

Shoes have also been removed from the drain.

Investigators were considering two main options to retrieve the body, either send someone down the drain for it or to dig up the road.

Scientific forensic investigators from Brisbane are in Gladstone to inspect the scene.

The person's age, gender and identity are still unknown.

The body was reported to police around 8.15am yesterday morning after it was discovered by Gladstone Regional Council workers.

It was discovered in footage from inside the drain as council workers investigated a foul smell within the area.

The police are pleading for information that could assist investigations.


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