WATCH: Government footage of 'fireball' lighting up sky


-Gladstone police and astronomy experts have received hundreds of calls from residents who heard a "boom"

-Experts are divided over if it's a meteor, meteorite, an asteroid, or a UFO that lit up Gladstone's sky

-Residents reported feeling a tremor

-Fresh Government footage shows Gladstone's skies lighting up


>>LISTEN: 'Fireball meteor' near Gladstone 'larger than usual'

>>EXPERT: Last night's asteroid could be first in a group

>>'Biggest meteor in years' crashes near Gladstone

>> Experts take hundreds of calls for 'sonic boom': Here's their thoughts

UPDATE: 10.59am: 

METEOR CHASERS are still trying to determine the size of the suspected meteor that exploded near Gladstone.

Renee Sayers, a meteor chaser with Desert Fireball Network, said they are currently relying on hundreds of reports from local witnesses and CCTV and amatuer to decipher its size, which suggested "it's looking big".

"At the moment, (there are) lots of observations," Ms Sayers told radio station 4BC.

"We've got some people saying it looks like a giant basketball. One to two metres across potentially.

"It's looking big -- it was bright, it was fast.

"It's really hard to say as we have lots of different reports, but it's looking like a pretty sizeable chunk."

Ms Sayers said wide-spread reports from locals of tremors was more evidence that it was much larger than usual.

"A lot of people heard the sonic boom and they felt the tremors as this big chunk of rock exploded and fragmented as it was hurtling through our atmosphere," she said. 

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UPDATE: 7.40pm: 

WAPPA Falls Observatory owner and founder Owen Bennedick believes the near earth asteroid exploded over the ocean near Gladstone last night.

At 6pm he said, "every cat and dog on the planet has called me about this today", and he was still unable to pin point where the asteroid landed.

The Bureau of Meteorology reported no minor tsunamis or wave action on its buoys, which lead Mr Bennedick and other experts to believe it did not land in the ocean.

"But just the fact that no one has seen any physical damage makes me think it did explode out at sea," he said.

"There's no trees, buildings or cars damaged," he said.

"Considering it's in an area the size of Gladstone it's strange that no one has noticed damage."

He said if it did explode at sea the pieces of the asteroid could have been so small that they would not have recorded a high wave impact.

Mr Bennedick said people from as far as Mackay to the Sunshine Coast saw the flashing light.
He said the force broke windows in Gladstone homes too.  

UPDATE: 3.10pm:

THE DEPARTMENT of Transport and Main Roads has released new footage of what is believed to be a meteor lighting up the sky in Central Queensland over night.

 TMR CCTV footage at Fisherman's landing captured the meteor as it tore through the sky. 

UPDATE: 2.30pm:

NEW FOOTAGE has emerged of what is believed to be a meteor near Gladstone.

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The footage, which appears to be of a live music event, shows a "bright light" in the background crashing down to earth.

More experts have weighed in what the object could be, with WAPPA Falls Observatory owner Owen Benedict on his way to Gladstone to investigate.

Mr Benedict believes it could be an asteroid, but other renowned astronomical experts have claimed it's a "fireball meteor".

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UPDATE: 11.30am:

AN INDEPENDENT UFO investigator believes last night's sonic boom in Gladstone was caused by a meteorite.

Consciousness Development and Research Group founder Kay McCullock said the trail and sonic boom experienced last night suggests it was a meteorite that flew through Gladstone's sky.

"I'd say it was a meteorite, although you could speculate it was a UFO going at high speed," she said.

"Meteorites usually break up before they hit the ground which could be why no one was able to trace any elements," she said.

But Ms McCullock said before anything was confirmed more evidence needed to become available.

Ms McCullock said she was not surprised this was sighted in Gladstone and central Queensland, as she considered the area as a "hot spot" for space activity.

She said residents should report any video footage of the flashing light or tremors.

"Video is number one because you can look at the timing and locations of what has happened.

"You can then map it out and get a pin point from where it's come from to where it's landed," she said.


DESPITE widespread reports that Geoscience Australia has suggested a meteorite may have caused a tremor in Gladstone last night, a spokeswoman said they hadn't recorded any "seismic activity".

"Our equipment didn't pick up any seismic activity," she said. "Whatever was felt was not an earthquake.

"But we've been told that there was a tremor."

She said multiple reports from residents who felt a tremor suggested that something had caused it. 

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UPDATE: 10.23am: 

SOME of Australia's leading astrophysicists have weighed in on the "bright light" seen over the Gladstone region last night.

They are beginning to come to a consensus that the description reported by Gladstone region locals, including a "boom" noise and aftershocks, is consistent with a particularly large meteor, most likely a fireball.

Professor David Parkinson, of the University of Queensland, said the "description is consistent with a meteor impact".

"The loud boom and bright light suggest an explosion of some kind, so meteor impact sounds like the best explanation, as far as we know at the moment."

Prof Parkinson also said he doubted it was space junk, as it is "usually not large enough to survive re-entry and reach sea-level as a complete object.

"It is difficult to launch objects into space, so with most spacecraft and satellites are small and light objects, which burn up soon after re-entry."

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UPDATE: 11.30pm: 

WEATHER experts at the Bureau of Meteorology are at a loss as to what caused a bright light which lit up Queensland skies, particularly over Gladstone.

>>BREAKING: 'Biggest meteor in years' likely crashed near Gladstone

"There doesn't seem to be a weather related explanation for what has been described in the Gladstone area tonight," BoM spokesman Meredith Schier said.

Geoscience Australia also earlier told The Observer there had been no information to suggest an earthquake had occurred.

UPDATE: 10.00pm: 

GLADSTONE Police has received about 20 calls from people who have heard a boom, seen a flight flashing through the sky and felt their house shaking.

WATCH | WATCH: Bright orange light soars across Gladstone sky

After following up the calls the police have not found anything suspicious.

Police has also contacted Civil Aviation Safety Authority which told police there were no planes outstanding or missing and nothing untoward in the area.

UPDATE: 9.15pm: QUEENSLAND Fire and Emergency Service crews is currently on the way out to Emerald after a report that something going through the sky out crashed.

The crew is yet to find anything and is dealing with the informant.

At first it was being treated as a possible aeroplane crash but at this stage they don't know what it is or if there was a crash.


UPDATE: 9.01pm: More than a hundred people have commented on a post on Boyne Tannum Classifieds with reports of tremours and a bright light.

Mitch McGregor commented, "Anyone else in Tannum just feel that quick tremor? About 8.26?"

"I thought the kids were bashing the front windows, I went out the front and my neighbour came flying out in his jocks thinking the same thing," he said.

Linda Werry said, "Seen a flash of light, felt the windows rattle, blow the curtain in and hear like an explosion noise."

Some residents are commenting it could have been a meteorite, however this is not confirmed.

8.56pm: THERE have been reports of a bright light, like a comet, flying through the sky followed by a bang.

West Gladstone resident Blossom Cooley said she felt her house shake.

Police have been receiving calls about a bang at their homes and many are confusing them for intruders.



RESIDENTS across the Gladstone region have reported feeling tremors in what many residents believed was an earthquake.

Gladstone police have received multiple calls from residents enquiring about the tremors.

There is no warning of an earthquake on Geoscience Australia's website at this stage. 

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