REVEALED: Meteorite chasers in hunt for 'fragments' in Agnes

METEORITE chasers are in the Gladstone region to search for fragments of the meteorite which is believed to have fallen in swampland.

Wappa Falls Observatory astronomer Owen Bennedick is in contact with Agnes Water residents who reported parts of the object could have landed in "swampy bush land" in the region.

But they expect the hunt for a piece of what fell through the sky on Monday night will take them as far north as Yeppoon. 


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The resident, Dave Halloran, saw the object in a "vertical drop" through the sky at 8.25pm.

He said five minutes later he heard a "boom and felt a tremor".

Mr Halloran has heard people have come to visit the region from Agnes Water to Yeppoon in search of pieces of the meteorite.

While nothing has been sighted yet, Mr Halloran says he will be keeping an eye out.

"It dropped down into a dead-straight vertical fall," Mr Halloran said.

LISTEN: Mr Halloran explains what he saw:

"It was burning like you would see magnesium strips burn.

"The tail would have been hundreds of kilometres long when you consider the distance I was away from it."

Mr Halloran, who lives on a rural property near Agnes Water facing Turkey Beach, said he thought it had hit the ocean.

"I thought that was pretty wild," he said.

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"I've seen heaps of things like meteorites and UFOs but nothing like that in a straight line."

Another resident, near Mon Repos, said he saw it come down in a straight line.

Mr Bennedick said he was gathering video footage and more information find out what happened.

"This is a pretty major event, the most major event in the past 40-50 years," he said. 

"(But) to my 'guesstimation' at this point in time there is a lack of report of damage so it looks like it has exploded over the sea," Mr Bennedick said.

"It must have been one heck of a blast for it to come inland, too.

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