A brazen thief targeted a home in Battery Hill during a Christmas party.
A brazen thief targeted a home in Battery Hill during a Christmas party. John Mccutcheon

Brazen thief crashes couples outdoor Christmas party

DESPITE being shaken following the brazen theft at his Battery Hill home late on Saturday night, Stefan Trundle did not mince his words.

"To the scumbag who robbed our house while we were having a Christmas party with our friends - I hope the only thing you get this Christmas is jail time," he said.

Mr Trundle and his wife were entertaining six guests in their backyard and enjoying some Christmas festivities while the thief entered a second storey window and stole a handbag and jewellery.

The thief then made an attempt at stealing an unlocked car in the garage and escaped through the roller door.

The first notice Mr Trundle had that something was awry was seeing the garage light on when he came inside at about 9.30pm.

He checked the garage and noticed his car door open with the interior light on and the garage door halfway up.

"I was confused at first," he said.

"I thought my wife might have gone to the car looking for something but then I saw the garage door.

"I didn't know if they were still in there, so one of the other guys and I walked upstairs and saw the jewellery box on the floor with things scattered all over the place."

The stolen handbag had contained a wallet with a debit card in it, but the couple were thankful their credit card had been in another location.

Among the missing jewellery was a watch belonging to Mrs Trundle's grandmother.

"It must have been an opportunist because one of my wife's pearl earrings was found on the floor while the other one is missing," Mr Trundle said.

"Police also found one or two things by the fence, so it's like a snatch and grab and they wouldn't have been in here long.

"With eight of us there, they were pretty game to give it a go when any one of us could have come inside or gone upstairs.

"We were only about 10 metres away."

The unit next door, which shared a common wall, was also targeted but the thief was unable to gain access through a similar window.

Mr Trundle said they had promptly cancelled the cards and a police forensic team was at their home yesterday to dust for fingerprints.

"They are real scumbags," he said.

"Not too bright either, because there was another car parked behind mine in the driveway."

Mr Trundle hoped the offenders would be found so the priceless watch could be returned.

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