UPDATE: Wilkinson's keen to move into new Brisbane home

Abi Wilkinson is in a good condition and will start prep this year. Photo Contributed
Abi Wilkinson is in a good condition and will start prep this year. Photo Contributed Contributed

UPDATE January 20:

THE Wilkinson family has received the keys to their new home in Brisbane.

Now they're looking forward to moving in, and Abi starting prep this year at a mainstream school.

After living in a unit for two years, mum Tanya Wilkinson said the family was looking forward to making the move.

She wrote on Facebook earlier: "Looking forward to starting the kids transition into the new school once its all finalized."

Been busy busy busy getting kids ready to start school, just bought a house and keys are handed into our hot little...

Posted by Abi's Inspirational Journey on Tuesday, 19 January 2016

January 9:

AS the school year nears, parents, like Tanya and Paul Wilkinson are getting their kids ready for the year.

But for the Wilkinson family, Abi going to a mainstream school is a huge step in her development and her progress.

The youngest member of the Wilkinson family was left a quadriplegic after a head-on collision on April 4, 2-1014

Abi, now 5, can drive herself in her wheelchair and can hold her head up.

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Ongoing physio and rehab by Tanya will ensure her muscles and joints don't cease.

"It's scary but I'm so proud of her.

"We've (Tanya and Paul) got a saying everytime we put her to bed we say 'What are you' and she says 'I'm brave, strong, beautiful and courageous'," Mrs Wilkinson said.

"What these children have been through in two years is incredible.

"All three kids have been just amazing and they are my inspiration, they are the reason I get out of bed every day."

Mrs Wilkinson said her main focus for Abi now was making sure she experienced a true childhood.

Abi Wilkinson pictured with her siblings Tobi and James. Photo Contributed
Abi Wilkinson pictured with her siblings Tobi and James. Photo Contributed Contributed

"I don't want her to be bubble wrapped.

"I want her to get the courage up to do things ... she's always going to have 24/7 care but I want her to have the courage to speak up for herself."

The first step in doing that was to get Abi out of hospital, after living in the intensive care unit for 20 months.

They are waiting for a home they have bought near Greenbank to be unconditional.

It is on acreage, like their home at Targinnie, so the family is looking forward to having some farm animals again.

She will go to the Lady Cilento Children's Hospital prep until they move to their home.

Then she will transition into a mainstream school.

"We've been living in an unit for two years ... It's a beautiful home and hopefully we'll be able to get the chickens back.

"I want to give her as close as possible to the home we had in Targinnie as we can," she said.

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