Boyne seafood shop on market, motel makes a comeback

Brenda's beloved seafood store is currently up for grabs.
Brenda's beloved seafood store is currently up for grabs. Mike Richards

AN award-winning Boyne Island seafood shop is on the market while one of Gladstone's motel/restaurants is under new management after going into receivership.

Smithy's Seafood was built from scratch nine years ago by Ken and Brenda Smith, but following Mr Smith's passing, Mrs Smith has decided to sell the business that she dedicated so much time to.

"I think the best thing to do would be to keep it for seafood," she said.

"I would love to keep the fish and prawns going, but anybody can turn it into anything they like."

She said she was looking forward to spending more time with her grandchildren but would miss the business.

"You make lovely friends and it's like a corner store - people come in and have a chat for 20 minutes. They don't just walk in and walk out like a supermarket," she said.

Meanwhile, Rusty's motel/cafe/restaurant on Goondoon St was placed into receivership five weeks ago after the lessees couldn't pay the rent.

The business is now back in the hands of owners Keir Kreis, from Tannum Sands, and Mark Barton, who lives on the Sunshine Coast.

The pair cleaned the place up two years ago when they originally bought the business, but Mr Barton said they would start from scratch to revamp the material goods and gain the goodwill of customers.

"It went from being one of the best three-star motels in town to one of the worst," he said.

"Our goal now is in reviving and reinvigorating the restaurant and getting the quality of service and reputation back to where it was when we left."

He said he didn't believe the business went bad because of the "bust".

"I believe it was indicative of bad management."

While all bookings were cancelled and some of the essential services were cut off, Mr Barton said they'd given themselves three months to get the business back to where it was.

"We need to make sure all the rooms are at standard and everything is in top working condition," he said.

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