Boy racer loses job, flat, now fears for his life

A boy racer whose car was swiped by a truck, which led to its driver getting attacked, has lost not only his job, but also his flat, and fears for his and his family's lives.  

Speaking on the boy racer's behalf, the man's relative told the Herald he wasn't involved in the attack on Blue Ice Transport truck driver Jordan Martin, of Rotorua, but he did admit to breaking the driver's door.  

Martin was left with scratches but was otherwise uninjured after he was forced to stop and then attacked by at least one boy racer after he swiped a Honda Integra as he tried to negotiate his way through Industry Rd, Penrose, on Friday night.  

Paul Stone of Blue Ice Transport says he's not paying for damage to the boy racer's car due to his truck suffering thousands of dollars of damage at the hands of his mates.
Paul Stone of Blue Ice Transport says he's not paying for damage to the boy racer's car due to his truck suffering thousands of dollars of damage at the hands of his mates. NZ Herald

Up to 200 boy racers were in the area taking part in an illegal street meet.  

Martin's truck dragged the Honda Integra 20m to 30m up the road before it came loose. A group of the boy racers chased after him, eventually getting him to stop and then the attack taking place.  

The man said his relative had been kicked out of his flat yesterday.  

"I was with him after work and tried to calm him down to try get him to sleep a little bit but he's finding it really hard especially because now he has no job.

People rang his boss and said if he doesn't fire him they were going to burn down his panel shop ... so his boss said he's no longer welcome there.  

"Then they found out his flatmates' names and numbers and have been calling them and given them threats too so these have really f***** him over."  

He said although his relative had admitted breaking the driver's door, he didn't hit or touch Martin and had offered to pay for the damage.  

"I know what he did was wrong but I think they are taking it way too far now.

My aunty has been receiving death threats too and people have been saying they are going to come to kill my 1-year-old nephew.  

"It's just out of hand."  

The man also had a differing version of events from the night. He claimed Martin had tried to run both a motorcyclist and his cousin off the road after they tried to get him to pull over after hitting the car.

That's been dismissed by Blue Ice Transport owner Paul Stone.  

Stone was shocked that something like that could happen these days and after viewing the footage of the attack was just glad his driver escaped relatively unscathed.

Earlier, 21-year-old Martin, who was back on the road on Sunday, said initially he didn't know why he was being attacked or realised he'd done anything wrong.  

The assault on him only stopped when the wife of a truck driver who had stopped got out and managed to talk the attacker out of his cab.  

"It just simmered down from there."

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