Boss reduces employee to tears (of joy) with wonderful gift

Rebecca King wipes away the tears as she recovers from the shock of employer Martin Weare's extraordinary gesture.
Rebecca King wipes away the tears as she recovers from the shock of employer Martin Weare's extraordinary gesture.

OWNER of Computer Cuts Hairdressing salon Martin Weare was so impressed with the progress of apprentice Rebecca King he bought her a car.

Rebecca started work as part of Key Employment's KiKASS program (Kids in Keys Apprentice Support Scheme) and blossomed into a valuable member of the team.

One difficulty Rebecca was faced with on a continual basis was finding suitable transport from her residence in Repton to the salon in Coffs Harbour.

Family and friends helped out where they could but once the trip to town was sorted out, she then faced the same problem for the return trip.

Knowing Rebecca was a car enthusiast with a passion for the Holden VZ, Martin searched the whole of NSW to find the exact model Commodore he knew his apprentice hoped to buy when she graduated.

So imagine the surprise when her manager called Rebecca and fellow staff members to the business car park for a mysterious meeting.

"Bec is such a great girl and valued member of our team," Martin said.

"Key Employment pays the wages for the first year of the apprenticeship through the scheme and this enabled me to buy the car to assist her in getting to and from work."

Totally shocked by the gesture, Rebecca was overcome with tears.

"Martin called me outside and I had no idea what it was about," she said.

"When he gave me the keys and told me it was mine, I was lost for words but the tears soon took over.

"He is so caring to all of his staff and his customers.

"I can't thank Martin enough and Key Employment for placing me with such a caring employer and I can't see how life can get any better than this."

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