Voodoo Eyes by Nick Stone.
Voodoo Eyes by Nick Stone.

Book review: Voodoo Eyes


Author: Nick Stone

Publisher: Sphere (Hachette Aust)

RRP: $29.99

NICK Stone can put anyone on the edge of their seats, but Voodoo Eyes may have you wishing you didn't have to grip so hard to stay comfortable.

With a story like this, compelling, gritty and thrilling, you imagine the screen play as you read each page. I found myself wondering who would play what role as I was totally along for the chilling ride that Nick Stone was about to lay on me.

This is a story of voodoo and black magic. The key character is a vicious dictator who will stop at nothing to keep his people living in fear. Solomon Boukman is a man who gets what he wants and does not care who he kills to make it happen, or what he has to do, be it making zombies of his enemies or using hypnosis. Some people think he's the devil, others that he's the incarnation of the voodoo god of death. He is the man with the voodoo eyes.

His nemesis is Max Mingus, a private investigator who has suffered tragedy and professional torment.

When he is summoned to deal with Boukman, it is not a job that Mingus takes lightly. He has to summon all his strength and reserve to stop this tyrant before he loses not only his own life but the people he cannot bear to be without.

Nick Stone has won three international thriller prizes. With his latest release, another could be well on the way.

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