BOM: 'Gladstone absolutely in the firing line' for supercell

THE Bureau of Meteorology has backed warnings of the possibility of a storm supercell hitting large parts of Queensland tomorrow, saying Gladstone was "absolutely" in the firing line.

The supercell could bring with it large hail up to 8cm in diameter, damaging winds over 90kmhr, heavy rain with flash flooding and frequent lightning.

It will impact most of the areas south of Rockhampton, the BOM spokesman warned.

A spokesperson for BOM said the Bureau were "certainly" not ruling out a supercell, which could hit Gladstone on Friday at any time.

"We are predicting severe thunderstorms for the next three to four days however people on the ground shouldn't be too focused on the supercell because conditions will be dangerous regardless," the spokesperson said.

"The difference between a severe thunderstorm and supercell is that a supercell lasts longer.

"A supercell essentially has enhanced conditions," the spokesperson said.  

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INTERACTIVE MAP: See the Queensland towns under major threat and where the trough is developing. 

The spokesperson said there was an upper low which was expected to move into New South Wales over the next 24 hours, dragging hot, moist and sticky air down through South East and Central Queensland.

"We very rarely go for supercells because you need to have the exact right conditions," the BOM spokesperson said.

"You need a break in the clouds which allows for convextions to get into the atmosphere.

"And that's why we're not saying its not impossible for a supercell but just more likely there will be a severe thunderstorm with the possibility of a supercell," the spokesperson said.

There will be an upper low which will remain stationary over coastal Central Queensland for the next three to four days, making conditions unstable and conducive to severe thunderstorms.

The Bureau spokesperson advised residents to tie down or put away any loose objects around the house, close all windows, clear gutters and get cars under cover.

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