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Bodies of 21 Vietnam vets finally brought home

THE remains of 33 Australian service personnel and dependents buried in Malaysian and Singaporean military cemeteries were welcomed back to Australia on Thursday.

Hundreds gathered at RAAF Richmond base in Sydney for one of the largest, single military repatriations in this country's history.

The returning Australians included 21 Vietnam veterans, three servicemen and eight dependents who had been interred at Terendak Military Cemetery in Malaysia and one Vietnam veteran from the Kranji Military Cemetery in Singapore.

Numerous Vietnam veterans attended the ceremony which was held after two Royal Australian Air Force Aircraft C-17 Globemaster aircraft bearing the Australians arrived on Thursday morning.

Veterans' Affairs Minister Dan Tehan said the Australian Government last year made an offer of repatriation to 36 families of Australians buried and Terendak and Kranji.

"Several families made the decision not to bring their loved ones home, and I am sure Australians will respect that decision and appreciate it was not made lightly," he said.

"The return of these Australians will bring closure to their families who have grieved for lost loved ones." - ARM NEWSDESK

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