4CC's blast from the past popular with listeners

A WEEK ago we launched 4CC back to Gladstone and central Queensland and boy oh boy, what a response we've had.

We have been inundated with messages and comments of support from so many people, so I am here to say thank you.

We are enjoying the new sound, your new friends to listen to, plus hearing Mr and Mrs Voiceover mentioning 4CC, it makes me smile.

Let's just say it's great to be back and thanks for the support, lots more to come!

Let me also say with State of Origin game two next week the hype is increasing with passion flowing from both camps.

You know I am a Blues supporter as I was born in enemy territory, but as passionate I am for the boys I am slightly confused by the strength of anger from certain people in our area who seem to think it's okay to go that extra mile just to support Queensland.

You know who you are if you're someone who has used the term "we had to let you win one.." or the classic "if we played well we would of beaten you...".

Or "we were just off our game that night..." or even the oldie "we lost because Cooper broke his arm so early on and we couldn't find our mojo...".

Please, give me a break. NSW won on merit, grit and determination.

Queensland will come back as usual and that's a great thing.

A Facebook friend of mine who's a vocal Labor supporter and proud biased Queensland supporter, Shelly Holzheimer, went to the extreme the other day when my Roosters beat the Storm, saying that because they were without their Queensland contingent they lost on that fact.

Sure they were missing Cronk and Slater but they had the general in Smith on the park.

Let's just say the words, "We were beaten by a better side on the day, good on them, but we'll play better next time..."

It's not that hard to say, but sometimes you need to swallow some pride to say it.

I'll be down in Sydney for State of Origin II next week and it'll be my first taste of the spectacle live.

My entire family will be there together hopefully watching a NSW win, but if we don't it won't be the end of the world as Mum supports Queensland just to have some balance in the Kidd camp.

Either way there will be smiles all round.

Here's to having fun watching and playing your favourite sport.

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